Sofa Cleaning North London

Our company specializes in delivering all kinds of cleaning solutions, but one of our most popular services is certainly upholstery or sofa cleaning. Our trained and experienced employees in North London can clean all types of upholstery – suede, silk, cotton, nylon, etc. We can also clean different upholstered furniture – foot stools, chairs, armchairs, curtains, sofas, etc. Clean upholstery is essential to the good appearance of your home. Our cleaners will do their best to satisfy your cleaning needs.

We have been in t his business for a while and this has helped us understand the needs and expectations of our clients. We constantly improve our sofa cleaning service in order to meet the rising requirements of our clients. We can use different cleaning techniques like steam cleaning, dry cleaning and hot water extraction.

We can clean yours:

Car Upholstery

We provide our cleaners with modern, high quality cleaning machines and the strongest cleaning chemicals available on the market. The products we use are eco-friendly, anti-allergic and biodegradable. We treat most upholstery with the steam cleaning technique which is very effective and is currently the surest way to get rid of unwanted stains and spots.