End of Tenancy Cleaning Whetstone

The end of tenancy cleaning service in Whetstone, London is offered by many cleaning agencies, but how can you know which of them are trustworthy and which aren’t? The best way to learn an agency’s reputation is to ask its customers as they will give you first-hand information about the quality of the services which the cleaning company offers.

Our cleaning company in Whetstone, London has worked and is still working with hundreds of customers and we haven’t disappointed even one of them. Our cleaners will always do a perfect job and leave the client with a spotless clean property.

Contact our agency and you will learn more about our reputation, services, standards, prices and how to arrange an appointment. Our end of tenancy cleaning teams are one of the most experienced in London and we guarantee that they will stay as long as it takes in order to turn your place in a fresh, hygienic and livable property.

Tasks included in the end of tenancy cleaning

• Mop the floors
• Clean cupboards & drawers on the in and outside
• Sanitize & polish taps and sink
• Clean kitchen appliances

Bathroom and Toilets
• Scrub and sanitize floors
• Clean and sanitize tiles, sink, bath, shower
• Clean and polish mirrors

Bedroom, Living and Dinning Room
• Vacuum carpets & upholstery
• Clean doors, door frames, radiators, light switches and skirting boards
• Dust surfaces

We are a professional company which only uses top-of-the-shelf products and equipment. You don’t have to worry about supplying our cleaners with cleaning detergents and machines, because we provide them with everything they need.

End of tenancy cleaning in Whetstone

A populous place in the London Borough of Barnet is the Whetstone district. Totteridge & Whetstone are the primary areas that have always been lumped together. Whetstone gets quoted as the one of the richest areas that you may find in the United Kingdom. Origination of the region took place in the medieval period.

Since then, it has grown comprehensively. Totteridge lane had a number of buildings from the 19th century, but all of them were demolished in the early 20th century. Boots the Chemist was the replacement to those buildings. The region has also been the favorite venue for meetings between Rudolf Hess, the deputy of Adolf Hitler, and Winston Churchill, at the time of the Second World War.

Whetstone was also a spy base for the Soviet Union for keeping a track on the meetings held between Hess and Churchill. A news agency, named Tass, from soviet, had a radio station in Whetstone for monitoring the activities of the British army. The British agency soon became aware of the fact that they are keeping an eye on British.

The Russian spy base was soon asked by the government to cease down their monitoring base, at their earliest. The decision was made in a cabinet meeting that was attended by the PM Clement Attlee, and other cabinet members.