End of Tenancy Cleaning Archway

The end of tenancy cleaning service in Archway, London is offered by many cleaning agencies, but how can you know which of them are trustworthy and which aren’t? The best way to learn an agency’s reputation is to ask its customers as they will give you first-hand information about the quality of the services which the cleaning company offers.

Our cleaning company in Archway, London has worked and is still working with hundreds of customers and we haven’t disappointed even one of them. Our cleaners will always do a perfect job and leave the client with a spotless clean property.

Contact our agency and you will learn more about our reputation, services, standards, prices and how to arrange an appointment. Our end of tenancy cleaning teams are one of the most experienced in London and we guarantee that they will stay as long as it takes in order to turn your place in a fresh, hygienic and livable property.

Tasks included in the end of tenancy cleaning

• Mop the floors
• Clean cupboards & drawers on the in and outside
• Sanitize & polish taps and sink
• Clean kitchen appliances

Bathroom and Toilets
• Scrub and sanitize floors
• Clean and sanitize tiles, sink, bath, shower
• Clean and polish mirrors

Bedroom, Living and Dinning Room
• Vacuum carpets & upholstery
• Clean doors, door frames, radiators, light switches and skirting boards
• Dust surfaces

We are a professional company which only uses top-of-the-shelf products and equipment. You don’t have to worry about supplying our cleaners with cleaning detergents and machines, because we provide them with everything they need.

End of tenancy cleaning in Archway

In the article below, you will find a short description about the Archway district, in London. It is in the north London area. Name of the district derived from an arch that was built in 1896 between Hornsey and Highgate.

The ultimate plan was to place a tunnel in the bypass on the Highgate, but the plan never succeeded due to continuous break downs. The district, however, does not designate or represent any particular region. People were used to refer it as Islington, or by a couple of other names.

The first cable car for the district was built from 1884-1909, in Europe. It begins from Archway road and reaches to the Highgate village end. A statue is there on the Highgate hill that represents the Dick Whittington’s return to London, after he heard the ringing bow bells, at Archway.

Whittington Hospital has to be the most prominent building that one may find in that region. The famous music venue is also there in Archway. The venue gets named as the archway tavern. Many popular artists have recorded their presence in that venue. Another famous landmark that adds to the area is the Archway Tower.

There is a statue of Whittington’s cat outside the Whittington hospital. Large green spaces and forests have to be the highlighting points of the district.