Deep Cleaning in North West London

We are one of the many cleaning companies operating in the North West London area. However, our services distinguish themselves from the rest, with high quality and low prices. Our company has a very good reputation and we are doing our best to keep it that way.

All of our services are carried out by professionally trained cleaners who have years of experience in the cleaning business. One of our most popular offers is the deep cleaning service which is a unique opportunity to have your entire cleaned, without having to do absolutely anything.

Nothing can match the benefits of deep cleaning. Even if you regularly clean your home, there will still be many hidden spaces and spots which accumulate dust and grime and you can’t clean them without the necessary knowledge and equipment. Our deep cleaning in North West London service will take care of all regular house cleaning tasks, including the cleaning of hidden and unreachable areas. Here are the general tasks which our cleaning team will take care of:

Mop and vacuum floors
Move furniture & clean behind and beneath it
Dust & wipe skirting boards
Clean doors & windows
Wipe switches & sockets
Clean & sanitize the bathroom
Clean & de-scale chrome features & tiles
Clean appliances on the inside /out
Clean ceiling fans, air conditioners & radiators