Carpet Cleaning Cricklewood

Carpets, rugs, curtains and blinds are one of the few items in your house that are difficult to clean just by yourself. This is due to the fact that they can easily get dirty and carpet stains are extremely hard to remove. Carpets can greatly suffer from children and pets – spilled drinks, dropped eatables and etc. can spoil the carpet and ruin its look. Of course these aren’t the only scenarios – even if you keep your carpet safe from stains, debris will still build up and slowly ruin your carpet’s looks.

At Property Cleaning London we provide professional carpet cleaning services in the area of Cricklewood, London at the most competitive prices that you could find. Carpets or rugs are very difficult to clean yourself, because most home owners don’t have the necessary equipment and products to deep clean their carpet. In this case your best solution is take advantage of the services of professional carpet cleaning companies. The carpet cleaning business is flourishing in London and more and more companies have started to offer this popular service.

We are a cleaning company which has over ten years of experience in providing different cleaning services in Cricklewood – London and we have worked with thousands of customers. We are aware of the fact that the carpet is one of the most important things for any home as this is the first thing a new guest sees. A clean carpet will leave a great first impression.

We provide our cleaning teams with the required equipment and products which will easily clean even the messiest carpets. Our cleaning teams are trained and dedicated, so you can be sure that the final result will be satisfying.

Carpet cleaning Cricklewood

In the year 1294 the Cricklewood Lane and the Edgware Road saw a small settlement happening which later resulted in naming the area as Cricklewoon by the end of 1321. In the mid 18th century the Crown was famous for providing coach travellers which later in the 1800s got rebuilt along with the coming up of the cottages and the Cricklewood House as neighbors. In the end of 19th century the place saw substantial villas coming up.

Later in the 1930s the Cricklewood area became an industrial hub. The district of Cricklewood has been the home to Smiths Industries since the year 1915 which was 1st started by S.Smith & Sons at the Edgeware Road. With every passing time the industries developed and the year 1935-1940s saw the place popularly manufacturing the electrical motors, electric clocks and aircraft accessories.

Another development which actually became a familiar landmark for several decades was the huge advertisement on this iron railway bridge above the Broadway which is beside bus garage. Cricklewood had also become the home of the Smith’s Crisps potato crisp factory that has changed the omnibus depot of the Crown Yard.

It is substantially crowded as the industrial belt of the city. With years of industrial exposure and setup of some of the biggest industries of the country the place has been highly developed for production and manufacturing units.

Some of the great buildings are found in this area which includes the buildings such as the Production Village and the other one is the factory of the revolutionary Stylohphone which was a handheld device widely used in the 1960s.